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July 19, 2007



You're right that Sasha doesn't have it as bad as some other kids do. There's one other thing Sasha can be really thankful for, and that lots of other kids miss out on -- he's got a great Dad. If we had more parents who treat their kids with the sensitivity and dignity that you do the world would be a much better place.


This is beautiful.

Off to kiss my kids goodnight one more time, even though they are already sleeping peacefully.

Scott Sherman

Thanks for the nice words, Andrew. He's a great kid.

Landya, you can't love 'em too much, so kiss ahead!


Came across this looking for information on the adverse effects of Botox and I have to say this was the more positive note and less vein approach of it's use. Thank you for sharing your love for your child. My turn to kiss my kids.

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I'm so sorry for what your kid is experiencing now. But I'm so glad that botox has great thing to do with this, and so glad that it helps your kid.

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