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February 19, 2012



Just finished High Price and downloaded Wild Talents. I love the different genres you're writing and that you have become so prolific and accessible. A quick click and your book is in my hand!

I see Third You Die is available for pre-order but the Kindle version is 32 cents more than the paperback. ?? I would pay the same, but more? Dunno.

High Price, the stuff I liked was the main character was likeable. He was more self-confident than Kevin and there was no rationalizing for his views or way of life, he just is, which I appreciate, even if he did make some dumb decisions, he owned them. While I do love the Kevin books, the passages where he waxes on with justifications for the gay lifestyle I found frustrating. I wanted to get back to the fantastic story, not hear arguments for gay marriage.

I am getting off topic, this could use more focus. Pest Control, an interesting concept. Enjoyed it.
Unsure of what happened at the end. He had all these thoughts and plans for the box, then the guy came and picked it up. Did he go through with any of those plans? Unclear.

I like your style and will continue to buy everything you put out. Please keep writing, I'm enjoying the progression.

Finally, I noticed a couple errors which you may be able to fix for future versions, at 21%, it says "wanted to know how this things works." Also at 60% "Who are you ask around about me?" At 61% "I don' t intend"



Just enjoyed your Wild Talents (and got it finished with the last juice my iPad had *gg*)

The story actually had a female voice for me^^ but the main charackter is a girl;-) Well maybe a girl really anoyed with her growth rate could get herself some nicnames^^ but... well...
The Part about 'speaking with the machines' was really great more background detail please in the next book ;-)
So I had fun *gg* by

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